Hanuman in 200 words

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The name Hanuman comes from the Sanskrit hanu which means "chin," and mat which means "superior, excellent."

Hanuman means "the one with the awesome chin" because he took a blow on the chin from Indra (the God of thunderbolts) and survived it. He has another name, Maruti, which means "born of the wind."


The origin story of Hanuman—like any mythological character—has a great deal of variety. All of the variations have significance and meaning and emphasize for us that the story of the Ramayana book (7th to 4th centuries BCE)

The story of Hanuman is not literal but instead symbolic.

It has a lot to do with psychological and spiritual knowledge.

The story is a living knowledge that conveys spiritual truths, thus it has a lot of variety.


Hanuman is said to be the son of Vayu, the wind God, which is from where he got the ability to fly. His mother is Anjana is a Vanara woman.

A Vanara in Hindu mythology is a subclass of human being. A vanara is not a human being, but a type of monkey being. They are mythologically described as being tribal people, instinctive, who lived in the wild, who were very energetic, active, and mischievous,but animal in many ways, that is why they are represented with monkey faces.


He was really powerful and as a child was known for his naughtiness. The entire world was troubled by his games and therefore he was cursed to not remember any of his powers until he was older. 


Older hanuman is taken under the teachings of Surya,  the Sun is called Surya, which literally means "supreme light." Surya is a manifestation or another face or mukta of the other gods. Surya is Shiva, Surya is Vishnu, but appearing as the Sun agrees to be Hanuman's guru and teaches him everything about scripture and Tantra. In fact, the myth states that Hanuman is the first being to learn pranayama. 


In ancient book the Ramayana, Indian epic poem:


The symbolism of Lord Rama, who is an incarnation or avatar of the God Vishnu. Ramachandra, represented with blue skin like Krishna, is depicted with his bow and arrow and is the chief hero or character of the Ramayana. In his story, his wife is abducted by a great demon named Ravana. Rama is only able to free his wife Sita from the demon because of the aid of Hanuman. It is Hanuman, who regain his powers, who makes it possible for Sita to be rescued, and for Rama and Sita to be reunited. So the role of Hanuman in the Ramayana is important. In the minds of his many devotees, the service and devotion of Hanuman make him the most important character of the Ramayana.

For many, he is the most revered deity, even though he is, we could say, at a lower level or a servant of Rama. Yet many see Hanuman as greater because he is a faithful servant, and thereby a great hero.



We often see the picture of Hanuman opening up his chest and showing in his heart are Rama and Sita. These are his gurus, those who he serves with all his heart. His every thought, his every action is in service to Rama.

This is what it means to me more than anything else, complete service to his gurus. Complete love and strength that comes from devotion

There is a type of prayer that is chanted by Hindu priests or priestesses when they are studying scriptures; this quote is from one of them. It says:

"Mangalam to Sri Hanuman, who is the consort of Suvarchala, who had four arms and who is the hero who rides on a beam of light."

Mangalam means good fortune, benefits, or blessings.


Bhakti yoga

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“Devotion is key. When our love for god grows so strong that we want krsna to enjoy the apple more than we want to enjoy it in ourselves… We may serve the One we love” – Bhagavad Gita


I was raised under the wing of the Catholic religion. I spent every Sunday at the church, when I was 15 I asked not to attend anymore. I felt that I did not speak the same language.


The word faith seemed another thing at that time.


The word God and his energy was always present; it was my support several times. I knew this inner magic.


When I started practicing yoga I could not stop,

I woke up that part of God that lived in me. She. Isvara. Superior Energy. Ksna.

And I remembered that I was a soul in journey.

The journey of the self,

Self healing,

Self love.

Goddess in the self.

The energy that gives me life.

The guru in.


Devotion makes my heart pump. I continue with my training because I feel this journey is the one to connect to all, to be truly part of a bigger energy.

Work hard on the peaceful being of the self, humble and with open heart.


This is the practice of infinite love and surrender that lives in the pure hearth of a devotee.


I pray a lot, I pray to give back all the treasures I have been lucky enough to experience in human life.



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Yoga Teacher Training: Initiation Ceremony

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We landed in Delhi at about 21:00 local time. The airport is quite modern, more than I expected and it took about 2 hours to pass through immigration. Keep eye with the VISA subject because this is the main reason for long lines, the e-visas must make another line to enter the country. The route to Rishikesh can last from 6-10 hours and we are lucky to do it at night, by taxi! it took us around 6:30. The highway, if I have to put a name, it is wild.

Aterrizamos en Dheli aproximadamente a las 21:00 hora local. El Aeropuerto es bastante moderno, más de lo que me esperaba y nos tomó cerca de 2 horas hacer inmigración. Hay que tener ojo con el tema de las visas porque esa fue principal razón de la demora, las e-visas deben hacer otra fila para entrar al país. El camino a Rishikesh por tierra puede durar desde 6 hasta 10 horas, pero tuvimos la suerte de hacerlo de noche y estuvimos arriba del taxi por 6:30. A el camino, si tengo que ponerle un nombre, es salvaje.

Initiation Kit :)

Initiation Kit :)

Arriving at the hotel around 4am, they were expecting us with the room ready. Accommodation and 3 meals a day are part of the package of Yoga Teacher Traning (YTT). The hotel is fine, the food is delicious and follow the rules of Satvik diet eg: has neither garlic or onion. Classes began with the initiation ceremony where students and teachers participated. This type of ceremony called Puja is led by a Hindu priest very well dressed in bright green and yellow. We, the students and teachers, dressed in white to symbolize purity. In the center of the circle there is a metal altar holding a wood-based fire. We feed the fire with offerings of rice and herbs, among chants of mantras, garlands, rich smoke and good vibes. This ceremony is made to bless our new beginning and invoke a month full of learning, positivism and spiritual surrender.

Al llegar al hotel, alrededor de las 4am, nos estaban esperando con la habitación lista. El alojamiento y las 3 comidas del día son parte del paquete del Yoga Teacher Traning (YTT). El hotel esta bien, la comida es deliciosa y sigue las reglas de la dieta Sátvica ej: no tiene ni ajo ni cebolla. Comenzamos las clases con la ceremonia de iniciación dónde participamos los alumnos y profesores. Este tipo de ceremonia llamada ¨Puja¨ la dirige un sacerdote hinduista vestido de verde y amarillo. Nosotros, los estudiantes y profesores, nos vestimos de blanco simbolizando pureza. En el centro del circulo que formamos se improvisa un altar metálico que sostiene una llama viva a base de madera y que nosotros alimentamos con ofrendas de hierbas y arroz, entre cánticos de mantras, collares de flores, humo rico y buena vibra. Todo para bendecir nuestro nuevo comienzo e invocar un mes lleno de aprendizaje, positivismo y entrega.

Teachers & owners of school

Teachers & owners of school

For this month we have clases from Monday to Saturday. Early star at 6:45 am to 7:00 pm with 2 breaks to eat, about 3 hours total. The certification of this YTT is 200 hours in the Yoga Alliance.

Para este nuevo mes tenemos clases de lunes a sábado de 6:45am a 7:00pm con 2 breaks para comer de aproximadamente 3 horas en total. La certificación de este YTT es de 200 horas en la Yoga Alliance.

Cows & me :)

Cows & me :)

We are so happy about next month! To practice. Namaste.

¡Estamos felices y expectantes del siguiente mes! A practicar. Namasté.

Choosing the school: YTT 200 Rishikesh, India.

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When we decided to make this trip and migrate to the country of kangaroos we realized that Australia is a demanding and very formal country. After some research I concluded that I need the Yoga Alliance certification, as Australia required, to teach Yoga. From here the quest begin: where, how and when. The Yoga Alliance is globalized entity that certifies teachers of Yoga in different levels, the minimum is 200 hours of practice and theory in a certified Yoga school.

Cuando decidimos hacer este viaje y migrar al país de los canguros nos dimos cuenta de que Australia es un país exigente y muy formal. Después de algunas investigaciones llegué a la conclusión de que tenía que hacer la certificación Yoga Alliance, como Australia requiere, para enseñar Yoga. A partir de aquí comienza la búsqueda: dónde, cómo y cuándo. La Yoga Alliance es una entidad globalizada que certifica los profesores de Yoga en diferentes niveles, el mínimo es de 200 horas de práctica y teoría en una escuela de Yoga certificada por esta entidad.

Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs (YTT) in India is the most affordable and I believe is where I will have the most powerful experience. I have no doubt. To live Yoga where it was cultivated and nurtured for thousands of years is a dream, I imagine for any teacher, and for this I am deeply grateful. Grateful to fate.

 El Yoga Teacher Training de 200hrs (YTT) en India es lo más asequible económicamente y creo que es el lugar donde tendré la experiencia más profunda. De esto no tengo duda. Vivir el Yoga donde fue cultivado y nutrido desde hace miles de años es un sueño, imagino que para cualquier profesor, y por esto me siento profundamente agradecida. Agradecida al destino por ponerme en este camino.

I started looking for courses and I found the perfect web: here I can filter my needs and the area where I want to do the course. I looked within my budget, I visited the websites of the schools, I sent emails and received a quick, sincere and warm response from Shara. After 3 emails with the schoolwas ready to commit with Suddha Anand Yog Shala ( The course fee is 1350 usd and registration is an advance payment of 250 usd and filling out a form. Within the price it includes the course, hotel and meals.

Comencé a buscar los cursos y me encontré con la web perfecta: Aquí puedo filtrar mis necesidades y la zona dónde quiero hacer el curso. Busqué dentro de mi presupuesto, visité las webs de las escuelas, envié algunos correos y recibí una rápida, sincera y cálida respuesta de Shara. Luego de 3 correos con la escuela la decisión estaba tomada. La escuela elegida para el YTT 200 es Suddha Anand Yog Shala ( El precio del curso es de 1350 usd y para registrarse hay que pagar un adelanto de 250 usd y llenar un formulario. Dentro del precio está incluido el curso, el hotel y las comidas.

Stay tuned :)

What does Mala means? Why 108 beads?

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A Mala (in Sanskrit means garland or necklace) is a string of spherical beads widely used in the practice of meditation and can be used for any sacred prayer of any spiritual or religious tradition. El Rosario, super known within the Catholic religion and the Western world, is inspired by a Mala.

Un Mala (en sánscrito significa guirnalda o collar) es un collar de cuentas esféricas muy usado en la práctica de la meditación y puede ser utilizado para cualquier rezo sagrado de cualquier tradición espiritual o religiosa. El Rosario, súper conocido dentro de la religión católica y el mundo occidental,  está inspirado en un Mala.

The Mala has 108 beads + 1 which is the bead of the guru or teacher, this bead marks the beginning or the end of prayers or mantras.

Los malas tienen 108 cuentas + 1 que es la cuenta del gurú o maestro, esta cuenta marca el inicio o el final de las oraciones o mantras.

Using a Mala is a symbolic way of connecting with the cosmic cycles of the universe.

Usar un Mala es una manera simbólica de conectarnos con los ciclos cósmicos del universo. 

In astrology represents the path of the sun and moon. Yogis divide this phenomenon into 27 equal parts called Nakshatras and each of these 4 equal sectors called Padas (steps) mark the 108 steps to the sun and moon walking. Also, the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the diameter of Earth and the distance between the earth and the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the sun. All these steps are associated with energy of mantras with which the practitioner aligns.

Mythologically speaking, it is believed that this sacred number is connected with the chakras, the seven energy points in our body. In the heart chakra it is believed there are 108 lines connected with these energy and the way to realization.

En astrología representa la trayectoria del sol y la luna. Los yoguis dividen este fenómeno en 27 partes iguales llamadas Nakshatras y cada uno de estos 4 sectores iguales llamados Padas (pasos) marcan los 108 pasos que el sol y la luna recorren. También, la distancia entre la tierra y la luna es 108 veces el diámetro de la luna. El diámetro del sol es aproximadamente 108 veces el diámetro de la tierra y la distancia entre la tierra y el sol es aproximadamente 108 veces el diámetro del sol. Todos estos pasos están asociados con una energía con la que el recitador de mantras se alinea.

Mitológicamente hablando, se cree que este sagrado número está conectado con los chakras, los 7 puntos de energía en nuestro cuerpo. En el chakra del corazón se cree que hay 108 líneas de energía conectadas y con estas el camino a la realización.

In the practice of Kriya Yoga is a maximum of 108 breaths per art.

Finally, the significance of 108 beads on a mala is open to interpretation, but what is sure is that Mala was created as a tool for meditation and is a path for enlightenment. <3

En la practica del Kriya Yoga hay un máximo de 108 respiraciones por técnica.

Finalmente, el significado de 108 cuentas en un mala esta abierto a interpretación, pero de lo que estamos seguros es que el Mala fue creado como herramienta para la meditación y el fin de esta es, simplemente, la iluminación. <3

ONEOEIGHT, New project of Rachel Brathen aka @Yoga_Girl

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Rachel Brathen, amazing Swedish yogi resident in Aruba with many thousands of followers on social media presents a new project to change the world. Yes, the world, that’s call motivation.

Rachel Brathen, tremenda yogui de nacionalidad sueca, residente de Aruba y con muchos de miles de seguidores en las redes sociales presenta un nuevo proyecto para cambiar el mundo. Si, el mundo, tremenda motivación.

The project is called OneOeight (like beads on a mala) and seeks to turn the social media world into a place of SOCIAL MISSION giving a support network for all people. The online platform will be dedicated to healing providing tools for those who want a happy and harmonious life, all based on the philosophy of Yoga.

El nombre del proyecto es OneOeight (como las cuentas de un mala) y busca convertir a los medios de comunicación social en un lugar de MISIÓN SOCIAL y estará dedicado a prestar una variada red de ayuda a todas las personas. La plataforma online estará dedicada a la sanación y entregará las herramientas para quienes quieran una vida más feliz y en armonía, todo esto basado en la filosofía del YOGA.

In the video shoot, Rachel tells us about of the many emails received every day from people asking for advice in different subjects related to her lifestyle: the physical, emotional and mental. Therefore, OneOeight is created from this need of healing that exists in the online world and clearly is intended to create a COMUNNITY in deeper levels.

En el vídeo de lanzamiento, Rachel cuenta sobre los innumerables correos que recibe a diario de gente pidiendo consejo en un sinfín de temas relacionados a su estilo de vida: lo físico, emocional y mental. Por esto, OneOeight se crea a partir de esta necesidad de sanación que existe en el mundo online y claramente esta destinado a crear una COMUNIDAD a niveles más profundos.

The site will have 4 "houses" in different areas of life:

1.MOVE: on the physical practice of yoga (asana) and movement.

2.CALM: focus on meditation and healing. Therapists and Coaches in areas such as eating disorders, grief counselors, experts in body image, meditation guides, etc. Healers in many areas.

3.NOURISH: nutrition in all its scope. Healthy eating, cooking lessons and information about foods that nourish our bodies.

4.EXPLORE: database yoga teachers, yoga studios, therapists and healers in your local area. - "Because guided by the hands of the experience is where the real changes happen," says Rachel.

El sitio tendrá 4 “casas” que tocaran diferentes áreas de la vida:

1.MOVE: sobre la práctica física del yoga (asana) y el movimiento.

2.CALM: centrado en la meditación y sanación. Terapeutas y coachers en áreas como desórdenes alimenticios, consejeros de duelo, expertos en imagen corporal, guías de meditación, etc. Sanadores en muchas áreas.

3.NOURISH: nutrición en todo su alcance. Comer sanamente, lecciones de cocina e información sobre los alimentos que nutren nuestro cuerpo.

4.EXPLORE: base de datos de profes de yoga, estudios de yoga, terapeutas y sanadores en tu área local. - “Porque guiado por las manos de la experiencia es donde las verdaderas transformaciones suceden” dice Rachel.

And to make it eaven better, many amazing Yoga teachers are part of oneOeight. In the proyect participate Meghan Currie, Simon Park, and Colleen Saidman and christina from FullyRaw to name a few. The project is in the stage of generating funds on Kickstarter website where fulfilled his goal in the first 24 hours, $ 108,000 usd. Anyway if they raise more money will give them more ground to build on the proyect.

You can sponsor the project from $ 5 by clicking here. Support this beautiful cause.

Y para mejorar el proyecto aún más. Un montón de destacados yoguis participarán dando clases grabadas en HD. En este grupo destacan los nombres como el de Meghan Currie, Simon Park, Colleen Saidman y Christina de FullyRaw por nombrar algunos. El proyecto esta en la etapa de generar los fondos en la web de Kickstarter donde cumplió su meta en las primeras 24 horas, $108.000 usd. De todas formas si reúnen más dinero habrá acceso a muchas cosas que se habían postergado del lanzamiento.

 Puedes patrocinar el proyecto a partir de $5 usd haciendo click aquí  y apoyar esta linda causa.